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Order a Photographic Wood Portrait Carving and Automatically Receive an Identical 8"x10" Mirror Etching for FREE!

Looking to preserve that special memory ... or give a truly special gift? 

Photographic carving is a unique way to transform your two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional work of art.  Image Abbie Allie

Sample Mirror Image Mirror etching offers a creative presentation of traditional line art.

A Photographic mirror etching is another method of imprinting an image onto a mirror . Mirror Sam

By combining custom software, a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine, and a little creativity, SculptedWonders can turn your photograph into a relief sculpture in wood, or transform simple line art into a breathtaking mirror etching.

Note: Please send me a photograph of what you want carved - or a description of what you want etched.  I will do my best to create a digital rendering before purchasing.

Photographs can be emailed to:

This website is still under construction.  As new products are developed, they will be posted.

Last Updated 03/02/2016