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Order a Photographic Wood Portrait Carving and Automatically Receive an Identical 8"x10" Mirror Etching for FREE!

Jill and Brent Scanned Image
This is an image that was scanned, converted into line-art, the names added to the banner,
then etched into a plastic mirror.

Mirror Jill and Brent

Scanned (Bitmap converted into vector) Line Art - 11" x 14" $34

Original Photo - Doves
This image was created by "writing" a font character in a CAD program, then etched into a mirror.


True-Type Font (Vector) Line Art - 11" x 14" $34

Original Image - Sam Mirror - Sam
Original Photo - Zack
Mirror Etching - Zack
These two photographs were scanned, processed through edge detection software, converted into line-art, then etched into a plastic mirror.

Scanned Photographic Etching - 8" x 10" $24 each

Mirror Etching

Note: Please send me a photograph or a description of what you want in an etching.  I will do my best to create the line-art and send you a proof before purchasing.

Photographs or descriptions can be emailed to: